Lisa Chaplin, Managing Director of Debbie Fortune Estate Agents shares her views on this touchy subject.
She explains, ‘In our many years of selling homes, we have heard all sorts of reasons for not having a for sale board and these objections almost always surprise us!

From the likes of …” I do not want the neighbours to know my house is on the market” to…” I don’t want casual callers knocking on the door!”

‘If you are serious about selling your home and want every advantage over the competition from homes for sale in your area, then nothing outweighs the advantages of having a for sale board outside your home when you are marketing it. ‘adds Lisa.

‘The fact is, up to 50% of enquiries originate from a for sale board, so in any market, good or bad, that is a statistic you simply cannot afford to ignore. Even if your house is in a cul de sac, or off the beaten track, you should not take the risk of missing out on even the smallest number of potential buyers that might see it and of course, you need all the neighbours to know as well…after all , they may have a friend or relative they would love to move in next door…and that’s before you think about the postman, delivery drivers, dog walkers and the rest!.’

‘Just think about this too, how often have you visited our beautiful coastlines or a village in the Cotswolds and spotted a shining for sale board outside a house and imagined yourself living there?’

‘We have had buyers who had always longed to be closer to their family and suddenly a board pops up a few doors away. Even if they may not have been actively looking to move, that board could be the very tool, of course, alongside our many years of expertise, that helps find you a buyer.’

‘Another important note is presentation’ she says, ‘Whilst your home is on the market, it is vital to keep that board looking good. There is nothing worse than a wonky, dirty, tatty, or faded board. A clean straight board is an indication to a buyer that you value the way your home is presented, and they will subconsciously acknowledge this.’

‘We feel so passionately about this that for the first time since Debbie started Debbie Fortune Estate Agents in January 2009, at the end of this month, all of our boards will be replaced with brand new, shiny, bright ones and in a new colour!’

‘Trust us, ‘concludes Lisa, ‘we do this because we care about the presentation of your house and absolutely know a For Sale board will help sell your home’.

After all, your home is our priority, so have that board, and the best bit is…it’s absolutely FREE!’

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